Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everybody wants Some

I just got this book few days ago(this is an old post).The title is Everybody Wants Some The Van Halen Saga.basically it is all about van halen(band) and it was written by Ian Christe(author of Sound Of The Beast).It is pretty awesome even though I just read only a few pages.I thik this book is a must for every Van Halen fan or anyone else too!!


It's a beast!!!I went to bentley music @kota damansara with Tanaraj to test out a guitar with him. We should met at Rock Corner@curve at 2pm but he arrived at 3pm. I was like WTF!!.Then we went to Bentley music and met Andrew there..I was searching for a fixed bridge guitar and Andrew recommended me this Ibanez RG321EX.It's amazing! For me it's better than ESP LTD viper-50 I reviewed previously.It is more agressive and high action guitar.. When i first played the guitar I went whoa!!It also have heavy tone.. The guitar is made to rock... It suits most guitar player these days..Whether it's metal,blues,alt and more.Mainly?? METAL!!! The guitar equipped with EMG styled pickups..(reminder:not EMG).It does look good..The color of this guitar is only black with gloss finish.The price is not bad too!!Around RM1300.The specs=

neck type= 3pc Wizard II Maple neck
body= Basswood body
fret= Jumbo frets
bridge= Fixed bridge
neck pu= INF1 (H) neck pu
bridge pu= INF2 (H) bridge pu
hardware color= Black