Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lester William Polsfuss

Lester William Polsfuss. Some of you wonder and maybe say "who the fuck is that?" Well, he is also known as Les Paul . Yeap, the famous Les Paul. The pioneer of solid body electric guitars, the man who actually revolutionized the whole music world. He is also known for his overdubbing multi-track recording in the early days.Personally thinking, I couldnt imagine the world now without him . Well, maybe somebody else would discover him but then it will still not be the same.

9th June

There's one thing that caught my eye today. No, no. It's not just Les Paul's birthday today. Google did a very significant thing on their homepage today. Google made a tribute to the man who created Rock & Roll. Google made a doodle and a pretty interesting stuff on their homepage. You can actually play guitar on the Google homepage. How creative and interesting is that. I actually spent hours on the homepage. Heh. Whattheheck, it's Les Paul's birthday, right ?

There's another thing that I realised today, it's also Matt Bellamy's birthday. To all those people who does not know who's that, he is in a band called Muse. Want to know more ? Google him yourself ! Hahah. Andddd today is also Johnny Depp's birthday. 3 artistic and talented man's birthday is coincidentally on the same date. How interesting ? :P

Final words from me are , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LESTER WILLIAM POLSFUSS aka LES PAUL !!! The world will continue to rock on. Rock and roll = Power to the people !