Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Ibanez Shapes!!

Ibanez has released new,unconventional and radical guitar shape last week. Despite the recent tragedy in Japan, Ibanez managed to released their new line of guitars. The new guitars are added into the X-series line. As most people know,Ibanez Xiphos stays alone in the X-series house. Now, 3 model have been added into the X-series line. That three model is Halberd, Falchion and Glaive. Yes, weird names given there. These guitars are made for metal music.

First we're gonna take a look at the first shape. That is the Halberd.

My first impression towards this guitar is the shape. It is somehow familiar and it kinda reminds me of ESP or maybe LTD's F shape. Anyways,it looks different though. It has more curve than the F-series. It is more.... beautiful? Hmm.The headstock design is based on the legendary Ibanez Iceman with an additional cut to sharpen it up. This guitar is available only in two colours. That is “LUNA SHADOW (LSH)” and “MARS SHADOW (MSH)”.

Next, we have the Falchion.

I believe that this guitar shape derived from the Xiphos. Ibanez made some alteration to it and made quite different. It is said by Ibanez that this guitar is comfortable to play despite its extreme looks/shape. It is recommended that Falchion is destined to be owned by extreme Metal players that defines their awesomeness in their shreddings and people who wants to be at the 'center of the stage'. The colours of this model is “BLACK FLAT (BKF)” for the classic metal vibe, and “Red Iron Oxide (RIX)”.

Finally, we have the Glaive. Weird name with a weird shape.What a couple. Heh.

Yes, this guitar somehow looks like BC Rich's design. It has that demonic looks and appearance. So so so "BC Rich" . I think Ibanez made this guitar slightly different from BC Rich's to avoid any lawsuit. Smart? I'll go with that. Hehh. Back to the guitar. It is equipped with 2 active pickups by Ibanez.String-thru body construction. And iitt's only available in two most simple paintjobs ever. It's “DARK NIGHT BLACK (DNK)” and the pure “SNOW WHITE (SWW)”.

All I could say for now is, Ibanez producing these guitars are quite weird. Isn't it? I think it's too much. I cant really say anything much right now because I have yet to hear the sounds of these guitars. I just hope that these guitars will a phenomenal guitars in the metal scene. Ibanez is failing that task? I highly doubt it :)