Saturday, December 10, 2011

30 Years Of Metallica

Firstly, I want to say that it has been a while since I blogged, Mainly because I am just lazy and sometimes I just don't have time to blog. Lately, Metallica have just finished recording an album with Lou Reed which is called Lulu. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the album at all. I'm just glad that it is not a Metallica album. Put those things aside and let's celebrate 30 years of Metallica ! :D

Can you believe it ? Metallica has been around for 30 years now and there is no sign of them stopping yet. Yes , yes, yes there are few ups and downs lately for them but I guess that's life right. Metallica ,a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, CA, formed in 1981 has changed the metal music scene ever since. I'm not going to talk about their history and stuff here as most of you guys know who is Metallica. For those who doesn't, there's always Google. Seriously, who doesn't >:-( ?

Metallica have been playing few important parts in my life. Partly, James Hetfield was the main reason I started playing the guitar when I was 13. Yeah yeah 13 was quite late to start playing the guitar but fuck it ! Back on the topic, Metallica also change the music I listen to. Let's just say I don't really listen to metal and stuff when I was younger. Metallica's music has also changed the music world. They have been influencing other bands and musicians in making music. For example, John Petrucci's influence is James Hetfield. Other than that, the band Trivium is also influenced by Metallica's music style.

From long hair to short hair, from Dave Mustaine to Kirk Hammett, from Cliff Burton to Robert Trujillo, I will always love this band. They had few problems over the years. For example, the mixed response of St. Anger and Death Magnetic. Despite that, they are still going strong and still continuing to produce music.

So, some of you guys might be asking what did Metallica do to celebrate 30 years as a band? Well, they held a show at Fillmore , San Francisco. Amazing place but the venue only supports around 1200 people. This is the main reason it was incredibly hard to get the tickets. The tickets were only sold to club members . The show included few lesser-known songs and also rarities. If any of you guys want to see the show, you can download it through

Long Live Metallica !!! \m/ \m/

These are the videos I've found on YouTube on Metallica's history. They are pretty simple and sums up all about them. There are 10 parts to it. Hope you like it :)











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