Monday, May 16, 2011

Metallica To Produce New Album ?

*all the infos were taken from Ultimate-Guitar and UK's Metal Hammer magazine

In a UK's Metal Hammer magazine issue , Lars Ulrich was asked to comment on the band's recording plans. "Ooh, boy. Yeah, I... What would you like me to say?" he replied. "Obviously, I can't talk about it. If I could talk about it, I would - you know me. It's... We'll see... It's something... We'll see how it plays out. If there's something, you'll be among the first to know, trust me." Lars was also asked if it is something new and he responded with a little bit of hesitation and he said that they will share the "new stuff" when they are ready. Ulrich also said that James Hetfield has more than 700 new riffs. They are gonna sit down and choose the riffs properly. And hopefully that the riffs will be in the "new album"

Metallica is currently on the right track of returning to their 'metal roots'. Lars Ulrich told Metal Hammer that the key to this whole thing is to return to playing "Master Of Puppets" entirely. Revisiting Master Of Puppets clearly was not on their mind before but it is very vital in this process.Rick Rubin, producer, also have advised Metallica to revisits "Ride The Lightning". Lars also commented that , Metallica is harder, faster, more manic, more out-of-control stuff than stuffs on Load and Reload album.

It is very good to know that Metallica is getting back to its roots. Lars said that they played The Call Of Ktulu in Australia which brought up the feelings of comfort about that side of Metallica. In the end, we all hope that Metallica will improve and keep producing good music. As far as we all know, Metallica has regained and gained new fans ever since the Death Magnetic album. From some people's prospective, Death Magnetic is their stepping stone of Metallica's recovery from St Anger. Keep it comin guys.

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