Friday, July 2, 2010

Ibanez GARTS70

I am quite surprised how this guitar turned out to be. Last month, I tried this guitar. This guitar exceeded my expectation. At first, I thought it would just be a normal Ibanez GIO. When I hold it, it feels really comfortable and quite light too. It has really awesome neck since the neck is SET-NECK. Despite its light body, it suited heavy playing. When I play this guitar, the sound is quite awesome. t'sI also suitable for metal, blues and rock. I am a metal player. Basically, this guitar delivers what I wanted. The best part of this guitar is that neck.The set-neck made guitar playing easier.Other than that, it also gives you more sustain.
On the other hand, this guitar has only 22 frets. I am used to 24 frets guitar even though I rarely use the frets there.
So, this makes it really weird. Overall, this guitar is quite affordable(RM 1098) i think. So yeah! It would make a great addition to your guitar collection too.

Here's the spec:

neck type =GART set-in neck
body =Basswood body
fret =Medium frets
bridge =Full Tune III bridge
neck pu =STD-C3 (H) neck pu
bridge pu =STD-C4 (H) bridge pu
hardware color =Cosmo Black


  1. are you sure you're not tricked or something? I got this for only RM650..

  2. I bought it in 2011 for RM 950. I really like it as it has nice and yet simple design that produces excellent sounds.