Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sham Kamikaze's Squier

I've tried this guitar last year. I don't really remember how it sounds like. However, what I can say is, I'm proud that Sham Kamikaze got his own signature series. He is the first Malaysian guitarist to have signature series.

I will tell you what I can remember about this guitar. First of all, it is a stratocaster. I'm not realy a fan of single-coils setting. Let's put that aside, it sounds really good. Great for blues, jazz and neo-classical stuff. The bridge pickup is really unique. The position of the pickup is reversed(Hendrix style). For me, it gives a great sharp tone for lower strings.
Besides that, I really love the neck. It has great feel and the neck has skunk stripes on it(my favourite).

Sorry guys, this is all I can remember about the guitar. I wish I could give you more info about this guitar

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