Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ibanez Xiphos XP300FX review

Dark And Bold. The design itself defines the guitar. Whenever you look at it, aggression or heavy sounding is definitely will be on your mind. Indeed it is. The Ibanez Xiphos XP300FX is the lowest or shall I say the cheapest from the Xiphos series. However, being the cheapest isn't an obstacle to match with other metal guitar brands.

Besides the shape of this guitar, nothing is ..fancy. Its bridge is a non-attractive looking fixed bridge. The pickups on these guitars are made by Ibanez which I found it quite okay. The sound of this thing is certainly heavy. You can get great tones with this guitar. I played metal riffs for this guitar and I'm happy with it. It gives you that crunchy heavy rhythm tone. Moreover, it totally stands out in crowd. Nice quick neck that allows me to play fast riffs is amazing. I have nothing to complain about the frets. Large frets ease the action.

There are a few concerns about this guitar for me though. First, the shape. Yeah, I know it seems ridiculous to complain about the shape now since most of you guys out there and I like the shape very much. That shape would cost you extra money to yourself a guitar case that can fit it. Another one is, the positioning of your right hand is quite different when you play this guitar. You will find your right hand slightly in front as the bridge of this guitar is positioned. It will take a while to
get used to it. Think again,these problems are also found on the Explorer shaped guitars or "X" - shaped guitars. Please note, the Gibson/Epiphone Explorers are quite different in every term.

Final say from me is, if you like it, just get it. If you dont, just dont think about getting one because you'll get sick of it in the end. For a guitar that is below RM1500 it's great. Just great.

the specs:

neck type 3pc Wizard Il Maple neck
body Mahogany body
fret Jumbo frets
bridge Fixed bridge
neck pu INF3 (H) neck pu
bridge pu INF4 (H) bridge pu
hardware color Cosmo Black


  1. j'ai cette guitare!rapport kalité prix au top!en plus je la trouve superbe!

  2. je l'ai aussi,je l'ai équipée d'un micro actif,elle sonne plus métal et pour le prix et cette forme,elle déboite,mettre un chevalet gibraltar pour plus d'esthétique mais elle claque!!!