Friday, January 14, 2011

Bullet For My Valentine's Fever album

The artwork of this album is very interesting. As well as the songs in this album. Bullet For My Valentine is well known for amazing catchy riffs and solos. Well, this time they've made it quite different. This is the third Bullet For My Valentine's album and they made very different compared to their previous albums. The songs became more Metalcore,less hevay metal influences, It's quite interesting though. Metalcore scene is trending nowadays and I think it's a bold move. Maybe it disappoints some Metal fans out there. But whattheheck, as long as they dont change totally. One of the great tracks are "Fever","The Last Fight" and "Your Betrayal". Matt Tuck, BFMV's guitarist once said that the main objective of this album is to please themselve rather than other people and critics. For me this album is good. Getting this album wont disappoint you and you'll have fun listening to their new songs.

Here is the tracklist:

1. "Your Betrayal" 4:51
2. "Fever" 3:57
3. "The Last Fight" 4:19
4. "A Place Where You Belong" 5:06
5. "Pleasure and Pain" 3:53
6. "Alone" 5:56
7. "Breaking Out, Breaking Down" 4:04
8. "Bittersweet Memories" 5:09
9. "Dignity" 4:29
10. "Begging for Mercy" 3:56
11. "Pretty on the Outside" 3:56
Total length:

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